As the oldest football club in continental Europe, FC St. Gallen 1879 is a cultural asset and beacon for Eastern Switzerland.

GEMAG Gebrüder Müller AG has held 10.6% of the shares in FC St. Gallen Event AG since December 2017.


Scheffelstrasse 3, Zürich

The residential and commercial building is located on Röschibachplatz in Wipkingen. The classic 1960s building was extended and completely renovated in 2024.


St. Leonhardstrasse 65, St. Gallen

Residential and commercial building from the heyday of the St. Gallen textile industry

Leaving the city on the train to the west, they glide past on the left as you gently approach. The roof terrace of the town hall also offers a formidable view of the row of houses with the striking towers on St. Leonhardstrasse.

In 1896/97, master builders Alfred Müller and Max Hoegger constructed a building complex here, which includes both the "residential palace" at St. Leonhard-Strasse 59 to 63 and building number 65. Architect Max Hoegger had owned a construction business in the city since 1878; his business partner, engineer Alfred Müller, was known by the nickname "Panama-Müller". He had been involved in the construction of the Panama Canal. In St. Gallen, he was entrusted with the construction management of the main railway station.

Following the acquisition of the property in 2020, the marketing department of GEMAG Gebrüder Müller AG moved into the premises on the ground floor in 2023.


Hinterlauben 13, St. Gallen

One of the oldest houses in the center of the city of St.Gallen

The first information about the artistic work of Andreas Hör, the most talented stained glass artist and painter in St. Gallen, can be found in the Seckelamtsrechnung of the city of St. Gallen in 1551, where "Clemens Hör's son was paid for a coat of arms in a window". A wall painting from 1552 was discovered under a plastered parlor wall during renovation work in the house at Hinterlauben 13 ("Hinter der Brotlaubee" in 16th century St. Gallen) in the spring of 1978. The disk from 1551 was donated by the well-known merchant and art lover Bartholome Schobinger, another from 1554 by Samson de Gall from Constance. This was followed by around fifty further panes, which the artist executed over the next two decades. Caspar Stillhart in Constance and the Zurich school around Carl von Egeri exerted an influence on him.


RorschacherStrasse 179StGallen.jpg

Rorschacherstrasse 179, St. Gallen

Residential and commercial building, built in 1910.